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Helpful Hints For Not Realizing You Are Completely (jesusfuckingchrist) Alone:

Sometimes I have a very difficult time eating by myself. Let alone, cooking myself a meal. The sound a fork makes when no one else is over for dinner, when I’m not in love at all, is awful. It sounds like a glass of water being gently set down by a nurse on my grandma’s bedside table, when my grandma can’t swallow and her mouth has been open for days like a gash.

 If you know what I mean, then I suggest the following:
When eating by yourself: make something you can carry like a burrito or a sandwich, and then walk around eating it–maybe go in the alley—and I swear you won’t feel as alone because you will trick yourself into thinking you aren’t actually eating dinner because all the perfunctory actions associated with dinner (sitting down at a table with  place settings and loved ones) are removed. 
Of course there are other things that are hard to do when you’re completely (jesusfuckingchrist) alone. Here are some simple solutions:
When going to bed: put a pillow between your legs then bring it up to your mouth and french kiss it, then punch it repeatedly and put it back between your legs and try to get some rest.
When in the shower: wait until the tile gets steamed up, then take your finger and write “Hey, you…”
When drinking coffee: do a little dance.
When on the couch:  extend  your leg and point your toe seductively at a throw pillow and run your hand along your thigh and smile at the wall.  Read Eudora Welty. Or Dorothy Parker.
When you realize you’re jesusfuckingchrist alone: either call somebody and invite them to a BBQ and then try to find a BBQ that you can take them to, or turn your music up real loud and hope you’ll have the chance to apologize to a neighbor.